Social Cognition and Psychology of Emotions

We aim at contributing to the understanding of interpersonal communication, and we focus our research efforts on the communication of emotions, emotional intelligence, and non-verbal communication / non-verbal behavior.

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Associate Prof. Dan Stănescu |

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Upcoming volume on the Dark and Light Triad of personality – individual and organizational predictors and effects.

Research focus

Communication of emotions

Emotional intelligence

Non-verbal behavior & communication

Latest Publications:

Mobile phone use before and during the COVID-19 pandemic–a panel study of older adults in seven countries

S Taipale, T Oinas, L Ivan, D Rosenberg

Unveiling the experienced age-friendliness of older people in Bucharest: A comprehensive study using the validated Romanian age-friendly cities and communities questionnaire …

L Ivan, J Dikken, J Van Hoof

Perspectives of older people on environmental sustainability: A cross-cultural validation study between five countries

J Dikken, JK Kazak, L Ivan, L Ayalon, D Pavlovski, JM Perek-Białas, ...

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