Communication, Discourse, Public Issues

CoDiPo was initiated as a research laboratory in 2012, by Camelia Beciu, Mălina Ciocea and Alexandru Cârlan, professors and researchers at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration. Research in CoDiPo approaches information and communication practices, the structure of political and media agendas, of media representations and public problems. The Laboratory proposes themes related to the social construction of public problems in the new media society and favours comparative and
interdisciplinary research.
CoDiPo develops the following research tracks: discourse and the construction of public problems; new media, political and international communication; European culture and society. The Laboratory brings together professors, researchers and PhD candidates working in various research fields, such as discourse analysis, sociology of the public sphere, cultural studies and media and communication studies. CoDiPo collaborates with professors and researchers from universities and research institutes in various national and international projects.
Through empirical and theoretical research, CoDiPo contributes to the understanding of forms of legitimation and institutionalization of public issues in the hyper-mediatic society, which is both fragmented and connected ‘in real time’.

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