Media Studies Lab

The Media Studies Lab (MediaLab) is affiliated to the Center for Research in Communication of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations (National University of Political Studies and Public Administration). The main research projects of the members within the Lab focus on media communication practices and effects, the construction of the media agenda, and the reconfiguration of media practices in the high-choice media environment. Based on these research interests, MediaLab cultivates a comparative and interdisciplinary approach of the following research topics: political communication, media effects, European identity, populist discourse, disinformation, etc. PhD students could become members of the Lab during their PhD studies.

Contact us: Prof. Nicoleta Corbu /

Address: Blvd. Expoziției, nr. 30A, sector 1, Bucharest, Romania, 012104 (room 503)

Latest Publications:

Predictors of COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance: The Role of Trust and the Influence of Social Media

A Bârgăoanu, R Buturoiu, F Durach

Self-Regulated Learning, Self-Efficacy, and Life-Long Learning: The mediating role of Future Orientation

D Stănescu, V Frunzaru, O Ștefăniță

A qualitative examination of (political) media diets across age cohorts in five countries

DN Hopmann, A Stepinska, J Stanyer, D Halagiera, L Terren, L Gehle, ...

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