Crisis Communication & Digital Listening

The Crisis Communication & Digital Listening Lab (DigitCrisis) is focused on exploring crisis communication and management in online environments as well as PR measurement and social media listening as tools for managing organizational communication. Thus, we aim to explore the existent research, models and practices on risk and crisis communication, with a focus on risk assessment and detection of threats and the currently available social media listening tools
and services, to explore the possible elements that might compose a framework dedicated to the usage of social media listening in assessing risks, uncovering threats, and managing crisis response.

Contact us: Associate Prof. Corina Daba-Buzoianu /

Latest Publications:

25 Spotting Risks: How to Integrate Social Media Listening to a Framework of Assessing Risks

C Buzoianu, M Bîră

A Theory-Practice Divide in a Museum Showcase

M Bira, A Zbuchea

Using social media listening in crisis communication and management: new methods and practices for looking into crises

C Buzoianu, M Bîră

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